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Market Cap $1.17m
Circulating supply 152,452,346
Maximum supply 1,000,000,000

Crypto Overview

  • Collectibles & NFTs
  • Celo Ecosystem
  • BNB Chain

Plastiks is a product of Nozama, Nozama was founded back in early 2019 with the objective to become the world’s largest sustainability technology company, and that goal remains more true than ever. is a marketplace utilizing a smart contract approach to merge two-multibillion-dollar industries: NFTs and Recycling. The Plastiks platform allows recyclers to mint and sell NFTs as recycling guarantees so that recyclers can monetize their recycling data. Producers of single-use plastic can increase traceability of their single-use packaging. The Plastiks platform will not only allow Single-use packaging brands to demonstrate their commitment to the environment through offsetting their waste, but it allows them to comply with the recently imposed EU single use packaging tracking regulation. As for recyclers, it’ll be an additional stream of revenue. Plastiks is a place where artists, recyclers, and single use packaging companies can work as a team to make the world cleaner. Plastik is the native utility token that is used to: Unlock the utility of the platform to mint, list and transact on the platform. All recyclers and artists will need to use plastik to create their NFTs. The producers of plastic or the consumer brands will be incentivized to buy these NFTs with Plastik.

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