Wrapped HBAR

Halal Rating :
Last Price $0.11 Last updated:
Rank 204
1D Change -0.48 %
Market Cap $4.1b
Circulating supply 35,748,758,735
Maximum supply 50,000,000,000

Crypto Overview

  • Hedera Hashgraph Ecosystem

Wrapped HBAR is a tokenized version of HBAR on the Hedera Hashgraph network provided by SaucerSwap WHBAR is compliant with the Hedera token service (HTS) standard, enabling it to be fully integrated into the ecosystem of decentralized exchanges, lending, and other DeFi use cases on the Hedera network. HBAR is not an HTS token — analogous to ETH vs. ERC-20 — so it must be wrapped to interact with the SaucerSwap contracts. This is achieved via a smart contract that stores incoming HBAR and mints wrapped HBAR. These WHBAR tokens are used to provide liquidity in SaucerSwap’s decentralized exchange. When liquidity is withdrawn, WHBAR tokens are sent back to the smart contract and burned, and an equal amount of HBAR is returned to the user. With the introduction of native staking, the HBAR in this smart contract can be dynamically staked to a permissioned node to generate real yield for users. Since Hedera does not impose slashing or lockup periods, SaucerSwap users can withdraw liquidity instantaneously.

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